Professional Development

Would you like your employees to have a “no problem, it can be done” attitude? Is your staff turnover high? Are employees less productive than they could be? Do your managers struggle to engender respect and loyalty? Are your executives burning out? You need a leadership and management development tutor . A tutor helps managers develop crucial skills: skills to understand people, motivate them, develop and retain them: the skill to find and capitalise the strengths of the individuals, to make...

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Leader-Management Development

Delegates love our practical and interactive workshops – honing their skills in the areas of  leadership and communication, human behaviour and performance. They enjoy the experience, and, they feel confident to begin implementing new behaviours immediately. We take good leader-managers and turn them into exceptional leader-managers. Imagine walking into any department in your company, hearing a soft hum of activity, everyone confident in their role, performing quality work with a common purpose – just like honey bees. Your company...

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Conversations that Matter (CTM) are a unique and powerful way to ensure the active engagement of all participants in a dialogue. Based on the World Café method, the non threatening, fun environment releases creativity, uncovers new solutions, and shifts attitudes and behaviours. CTMs are effective with groups of any size and type. They are ideal for: tapping into creativity – generating new ideas or possibilities bringing about a change in thinking, attitude and behaviour building trusting relationships in diverse...

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Professional Speaking

Alison Gitelson is a no-nonsense inspirational speaker, management growth enabler and facilitator. She is an energetic and captivating speaker who informs and inspires her audience to be more and do more. Her unique background spans careers in optometry, ICT, transformation, project management and leadership development. She has earned an SABS Design Award, contributed to published papers, spoken to international audiences and been interviewed on TV and radio. Her community work and hobbies have taken her from radio operator, to sailing, to walking...

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Welcome to CanBeeDone!



Watch Alison’s answer here.

We help companies to be more profitable and productive by better using what they already have.

The key lies in your current managers. CanBeeDone specialises in helping those managers to unlock the capacity in themselves and the rest of the workforce. You are already paying out the salaries, now make it work for you!

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to marry human needs with business needs. This is the best way to create productive, effective businesses with happy, engaged, fulfilled people working in them! Or to use the jargon, to create a “high performance culture”.

Working within the structure of the Leader Management Framework we give value to all aspects of leadership & management.

We don’t argue about whether we need leaders or managers. We develop leader-managers!

We don’t argue about soft skills versus hard skills. We know it takes both!

We bring real world help, not conceptual theory.


It is often stated, “people are your most expensive asset!” If that is the case in your company, let us help you to use that expensive asset to make a much greater profit.

CanBeeDone grows people and grows businesses.

We would love to discuss your needs and tailor a solution for you. Contact us today

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